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OA Patients are OAFI’s reason for being. They are the engine that motivates us and encourages to continue with our work. To volunteer for the Foundation means to commit yourself to our cause and to help us carry out our initiatives. Sometimes, we need the support of volunteers to publicize the awareness activities we conduct, participate in their organization and development, find out the experience and opinion of participants regarding the disease and to be part of study groups on pathology. In other words, we need people who help us give osteoarthritis a voice and to grant it the importance it deserves in our society.

If you are keen to collaborate with us, please let us know via the subscription form and we will get back to you.

Dr. Josep Vergés Milano

Contact with Dr. Josep Vergés

If you have a project, idea or proposal

You can contact the President of the OAFI Foundation, Dr. Josep Vergés.

Members & Donations


Your periodical contribution is very important to us.

Become a member and you will be helping us to promote education, prevention, treatment and research in the field of osteoarthritis, offering solutions to people suffering from this pathology to relieve their pain and improve their quality of life.

Your commitment is the most important thing to continue helping to improve our society’s joint health.

We appreciate your solidarity by putting at your disposal services and advantages that you can benefit from as an OAFI member.

  • OAFI’s GUIDE to improve the joint health
  • Diagnostic visit with Dr. Josep Vergés
  • Second Medical Opinion with Dr. Josep Vergés
  • Voluntary participation in studies for osteoarthritis research
  • The defense patient
  • Nutritionist: at OAFI facilities
  • Psychological support: at OAFI facilities
  • Legal advice
  • Special price for cultural activities
  • Physiotherapy services
  • Social activities of the OAFI community
  • Free assistance to workshops and conferences

Your help is very important to us. Your contributions help us fund our foundational work promoting education, prevention, treatment and research in the field of osteoarthritis and providing solutions for people suffering from this pathology to help relieve their pain and improve their quality of life.

Inheritance and Bequests

We dream of leaving a better world for future generations when we are no longer here. OAFI believes that society’s articular health is built right now through the research and development of initiatives that help raise awareness about it.

Your contribution will go towards projects that help improve the quality of life of people that live with this disease and to advance in the knowledge of this condition. We will act with diligence and discretion to fulfill your wishes and according to the legal obligations that this entails. The goods received may be money in current accounts or deposits, real estate or mutual funds.

How do you leave your Inheritance or Bequest to OAFI?



Let your lawyer know of your wishes the day you make your will. Here is the information you will need:
Tax Number: G66727504
Registered Office Address: Calle Tuset 19, 3º-2ª, 08006 (Barcelona)

If you need further assistance to include OAFI in your will, please contact us on (+34) 931 594 015. We will be happy to assist you.

“I encourage everyone to volunteer for OAFI, because it  is a fantastic experience


OAFI Volunteer

Fiscal benefits

In any case, if you have doubts about how your donation will be deducted, we’ll be happy to assist you. Send us your query to

Every year you will receive a tax certificate from us stating the total amount of contributions made during the year so you can include it in your tax return.