Guides and teaching material

Get to know osteoarthritis and osteoporosis in depth with the didactic material prepared by OAFI and some of the Foundation’s collaborators. Thank you all for helping us to continue helping.




The current situation of ageing in Spain and proposals for managing the future of one of the most ageing countries in the world.



Practical guide for the treatment in Primary Care of Osteoarthritis in Patients with Comorbidities

Learn the basics of osteoarthritis and how to treat it if you suffer from comorbidities.

Practical management of the patient with osteoarthritis

Published by the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (SEMERGEN), Goya, 25-5º izda. 28001 Madrid
If you are a health professional, with this guide you will be able to learn everything you need to know about this disease and its management from Primary Care

Guide to Good Clinical Practice in Osteoarthritis

Publisher: International Marketing & Communication, S.A. (IM&C) Alberto Alcocer, 13, 1.° D. 28036 Madrid
Everything you need to know about osteoarthritis if you are a medical professional.


Practical Guide for Patients with Fracture or Total Hip Replacement

Guidelines and recommendations for patients with hip fracture.

Practical Guide for Informal Caregivers of Patients with Fracture or Total Hip Replacement

Guidelines and recommendations for caregivers of patients with hip fracture in their recovery


Evidence on the use of topical diclofenac and CBD (cannabidiol)

Discover the types of pain and how these agents can help us in its relief.


#CuidadOsteoporosis - What is Osteoporosis? The ODPAR Study

Learn the basics of osteoporosis: symptoms, treatments, recommendations and patient perspective. In collaboration with AMGEN and UCB.

Intestinal microbiota: a new acquired organ

What is the microbiota? How does it work? How can we take care of it? Learn the key notions about this set of microorganisms with Dr. Blanca Bermejo, a doctor in molecular genetics. In collaboration with Kern Pharma.

Mediterranean diet and weight control

The Mediterranean diet is one of the best recipes for maintaining a healthy weight. Discover more about her with Dr. Laura Arranz. In collaboration with Kern Pharma.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Food can be our great allies in pain management and inflammation reduction. Discover more with Dr. Arranz. In collaboration with Kern Pharma.

Topical pain relief

Learn to calm the pain in your joints topically with Maria José Rivas, physiotherapist (Mad’or). In collaboration with Kern Pharma.

Knee pain
Cervical pain
Hand pain
Low back pain
Tired legs