OAFI is born with the desire to become an international reference in the field of osteoarthritis. It is for this purpose that it has launched the Osteoarthritis World Association, a cluster of knowledge that integrates all the agents involved in this pathology, including patient associations, medical societies, research centers, public administrations and supporting companies that assist in fostering research in the field, treatment of pain and improvement of the quality of life of people living with osteoarthritis.



The main American and Spanish associations have come together through the OA Task Force initiative, led by OAFI and the Arthritis Foundation. We work together to help osteoarthritis patients and establish synergies between the groups. We hope to bring together more patient associations from around the world to fight osteoarthritis and improve people’s quality of life.


When looking around us, we can easily see a relative or an acquaintance suffering from osteoarthritis. There are entities that actively participate in raising awareness of osteoarthritis. Informed patients are likely to know how to take care of themselves.


We believe that building knowledge bridges and establishing synergies with medical societies is fundamental in developing the highest possible level of knowledge about arthritic disease. The union of all the agents involved in this global community will enable us to improve the joint health of millions of people.


We rely on the collaboration of excellent research centres for the development of pre-clinical and clinical studies for the treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis.



We would like to thank the supporting organisations which, through their donations, have made the Foundation’s work possible.