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3 Jul

CIM PROJECT and OAFI: Unstoppable Team !

CIM Project and the OAFI Foundation sign a collaboration agreement to promote the prevention, treatment and improvement of the quality of life of people with osteoarticular problems, especially fibromyalgia. A spectacular project with an unstoppable team CIM PROJECT is a non-profit organisation driven by club monitors, sports technicians of mountain activities, professionals of physical activity […]


21 Jun


As of this week, OAFI and Arnaiz have set to work to create a technical team and start implementing the project OAFI SPACE, working together in the creation and development of spaces adapted to the needs of people with rheumatic pathologies, such as Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis or Sarcopenia. The start of this new collaboration was formalised, […]


19 Jun

A Journey of Hope: The Tale of OAFI’s Osteoarthritis Odyssey

Once upon a time, in healthcare, there was an odyssey, a silent struggle, a battle fought not with swords and shields, but with courage, resilience and unwavering determination. It was the story of the Osteoartritis (OA), an implacable adversary that haunted the lives of millions and cast shadows of pain and despair across the country. […]


30 May

SOCFIC, the OAFI Foundation and AECOSAR sign a collaboration agreement to unite community pharmacy and patients in the prevention and treatment of joint health

The agreement with SOCFIC includes actions such as the development of studies, the implementation of prevention and social awareness campaigns and the creation of social programs to help patients with osteoarticular pathologies from Latin American community pharmacies. Barcelona, May 29th, 2024. The Iberoamerican Professional Scientific Society of Community Pharmacy (SOCFIC), Osteoarthritis Foundation International (OAFI) and […]


29 May

“Take care of your mother because she’s not going to take care of herself.”

Osteoarticular pathology is one of the most frequent among the elderly and especially among women. In fact, in Spain, more than 7 million people suffer from osteopenia or osteoporosis, and there are more than 14 million people affected by osteoarthritis. Early Diagnosis and Prevention Promoting Early Diagnosis and Prevention is fundamental, since these are diseases […]


24 May

OAFI at the III Jornadas del Bienestar de Palasiet

Palasiet Thalasso-Clínica & Hotel has programmed for the coming weeks of May and June its III Jornadas del Bienestar Palasiet, The aim is to disseminate different aspects related to the concept of healthy living and integrative medicine, which is the basis of the company’s health offer Thalasso-Clínic in Benicàssim. Top-level presentations at the Wellness Conference […]


23 May

New President of the Spanish Rheumatology Society

New President Dr. Marcos Paulino Huertas, Chief of the Rheumatology Service of the Hospital General Universitario de Ciudad Real, is the new president of Spanish Rheumatology Society (SER in spanish), and will hold this position from May 2024 to May 2026. The new president of the SER has set as his priority objectives “to integrate […]


17 May

The Role of the Family Physician in Osteoarthritis

Article courtesy of Dr. José Luis Llisterri Caro, Family Physician, Clínica Vallada de Valencia Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis is a chronic, inflammatory, degenerative disease affecting the joints. The symptomatology of osteoarthritis is frequently associated with functional disability, as well as signs and symptoms of inflammation such as pain, stiffness and loss of mobility. It is the second most […]


23 Apr

Communication, a crucial tool for improving the quality of life of osteoarthritis patients

OA is a degenerative disease que afecta al cartílago, hueso subcondral y tejidos blandos de la articulación. Según publicaciones recientes, se calcula que ya la sufren casi 600 millones de personas en todo el mundo y las previsiones apuntan a que estos números aumentaran de manera acelerada con el aumento de la esperanza de vida. […]


18 Apr

Transforming lives

“Transforming lives: the importance of your support to OAFI”. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that affects millions of people worldwide. It is characterized by wear and tear of the articular cartilage, resulting in pain, stiffness and loss of mobility. Osteoarthritis is a disease that can have a significant impact on the quality of life […]