A European Project That Will Send Dietary and Personalized Habits of Life


The OAFI Foundation participates in a European project led by EURECAT that works on the development of a system for sending dietary advice and personalized lifestyle habits to users with the aim of training consumers to prevent diet-related diseases.

The PREVENTOMICS project is based on biomarkers and proposes personalized nutrition plans based on the characteristics of each individual both physical and behavioural traits, such as lifestyle, genotype, preferences and physical condition which will reach the recipients in in the form of advice of personalized health, thanks to the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

PREVENTOMICS research focuses on achieving new healthy lifestyle habits, increasing user satisfaction and confidence in a more personalized diet and promoting greater adherence to the Mediterranean diet as a healthy standard, in line with the recommendations of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

To demonstrate the potential for personalization at different levels of the food value chain, PREVENTOMICS will be validated in three different scenarios through three different companies carrying out intervention studies with both healthy volunteers and volunteers with abdominal obesity who are at moderate risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease.

PREVENTOMICS, a project coordinated by Eurecat’s Nutrition and Health Unit and with the participation of other 18 European partners from 7 different countries, will conclude with the introduction of six new products in the market, both in the application of new technologies to improve state of health (e-business) as in the form of food products intended for human consumption.



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