The Expert Patient

El Paciente Experto

El Paciente Experto

The Osteoarthritis Foundation International (OAFI) believes that the patient should play a very active role in managing his or her illness. Based on this principle, we have developed the program “The Expert Patient”. This initiative aims to train osteoarthritis patients to become Expert Patients in their own disease who can advise and help others who suffer from it.

The Program

The contents of the program –to be learned by the Expert Patient and then transmitted to other people concerned about their joint health– has been elaborated by a team of health professionals consisting of: family physicians, nurses, rheumatologists, rehabilitation technicians, physiotherapists and psychologists.

Their contribution has resulted in a set of informational materials that help others to better understand the disease, sharing advice on how to control weight, how to practice adequate exercises to improve joint health and how to live with the pathology and still enjoy a great quality of life.

Does this initiative sound interesting? Are you keen to collaborate with us? In that case, we encourage you to contact us by writing to this email address:

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