OAFI Sport (Children)

OAFI Sport (Children)

OAFI Sport (Children)

Joint health and prevention should start in childhood and continue during adolescence and throughout adult life.

Most young people follow a sedentary lifestyle which is not good for their health and, in particular, for their joints. In fact, one out of four children is obese or overweight according to the WHO. It is very important to prevent childhood obesity as excess weight overloads the joints, deteriorating them quickly.

On the other hand, there are young people who, at early ages, do excessive physical activity which can be detrimental to their musculoskeletal health if preventive measures are not taken. It is essential to know what type of physical activity is appropriate for each young person, in order to take all the necessary precautions to preserve their immediate and long-term health and well-being by protecting and strengthening their joints.

OAFI SPORT CHILDREN program, designed by a multidisciplinary team of experts, aims to educate young people about the importance of a correct diet and exercising appropriately according to their morphotype to:

  • Feel better
  • Gain self-esteem
  • Improve their social skills
  • Boost their physical and mental health
  • Grow better
  • Prevent osteo articular and muscular injuries

OAFI has a prestige and recognition team of experts who will collaborate in this project.

We must improve the practice of sport. We believe that the prevention of arthrosis begins from childhood, well-informed children and young people will take care of their health and will be able to teach their parents so that they too take care of themselves.

Say yes to sport to promote health and well-being without injuries!

If the initiative interests you, we encourage you to contact us by writing an email to: info@oafifoundation.com.

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