Publication of GAUDÍ study

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Always working towards quality of life

At the OAFI Foundation we work to improve the quality of life of patients with Osteoarthritis. To achieve this goal, there are different areas of work in which the OAFI Foundation dedicates its efforts; one of them is Research and Development, where we coordinate, lead and take part in different scientific studies related to Osteoarthritis, always with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of patients. That is why we present the publication of the GAUDÍ study.

GAUDÍ study

On this occasion, we are pleased to announce the publication of one of these studies, with truly satisfactory and surprising results. We are talking about the GAUDÍ study, a scientific study that we coordinated together with the POAL Institute of Rheumatology, the FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, Athletic Club de Bilbao and the Federación Asturiana de Fútbol. This study aims to clinically validate the efficacy of a food supplement to reduce pain in patients with Osteoarthritis of the knee. This food supplement is composed of specialized pro-resolution mediators (SPMs), natural substances derived from Omega-3, which have anti-inflammatory properties.

BMC publishes paper

The article of the GAUDÍ study was published on June 29th in the scientific journal Journal of Translational Medicine, published by BioMed Central. The signatories are the prestigious doctors Ingrid Möller, director of the Poal Institute, Gil Rodas, from the Medical Services of FC Barcelona, José María Villalón, head of the medical services of Atlético de Madrid, José A. Rodas, head of the medical services of the Asturian Football Federation and of the Spanish U-21 national soccer team, Francisco Angulo, head of the medical services of Club Athletic Bilbao at the time of the study, Nina Martínez, director of the scientific area, research and innovation of the OAFI Foundation and Dr. Josep Vergés, president and CEO of the OAFI Foundation.

Estudio GAUDÍ

Results of the GAUDÍ Study

“This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study evaluates for the first time the effect of continuous oral intake of SPMs in an adult population of patients with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis. After analyzing the results, we observed that supplementation with SPMs reduced pain and improved quality of life in osteoarthritis patients. Our results do not support a lasting residual effect of SPMs after treatment, suggesting the need for continued SPMs supplementation to maintain some of the clinical benefits.

In OAFI Foundation, we continue to work on Osteoarthritis treatment research to develop new effective and safe therapies to improve the quality of life for all Osteoarthritis patients.

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