Mediterranean Diet to protect you from the osteoarthritis

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Mediterranean Diet to protect you from the osteoarthritis

We all know that a balance diet, varied and healthy influences positively in our health and reduces the risk of many diseases. But, is there a specific diet for osteoarthritis?

It is known since a while that Mediterranean Diet has a favorable effect on cardiovascular health, some kinds of cancer, chronic diseases and cognitive efficiency, could it also be beneficial for joint health and osteoarthritis?

The role of nutrition in chronic pathologies is being more studied and the pattern of the Mediterranean Diet has been related to the reduction of knee inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, this is the reason why the influence that could have on osteoarthritis was studied, as well.

In a review of three published studies, the researchers concluded that, effectively, following a diet consistent with the Mediterranean Diet pattern is beneficial for osteoarthritis and joint health in general.

What is relationship between the Mediterranean Diet and osteoarthritis?

Results show that Mediterranean Diet protects and helps in osteoarthritis in different ways:

• It favors the quality of life of the people with osteoarthritis by reducing inflammation, improving the range of joints movement and improving their mood.

• It has a protective effect of the osteoarthritis, due to people who best follow the Mediterranean Diet have fewer cases of osteoarthritis (that is to say, the prevalence of osteoarthritis is lower).

• It acts as an anti-inflammatory diet, thanks to the components present in certain foods characteristic of this food pattern that have the property of reducing the inflammatory substance and the degradation of the cartilage.

Is our diet really a Mediterranean Diet?

Living in a Mediterranean country does not ensure that our diet is in line with their traditional diet, which has its own characteristics and aliment. We must make sure that we have a high consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, whole grains, fish -without forgetting blue fish- and seafood, a moderate consumption of poultry and eggs and use virgin olive oil as the main source of fat.

In summary, with a diet similar to the Mediterranean pattern we will take the first step to the care of osteoarthritis.

Author: Esther Barnés, pharmacist and specialist in medical writing of Nutresalut

Source: Morales-Ivorra I, Romera-Baures M, Roman-Viñas B, Serra-Majem L. Osteoarthritis and the Mediterranean Diet: A Systematic Review. Nutrients. 2018 Aug 7;10(8).