OAFI explains the proposal of a new model of care management for OA patients in the General Alliance of Patients Day

OAFI explains the proposal of a new model of care management for OA patients in the General Alliance of Patients Day

OAFI, International Foundation of Patients with Arthrosis, has participated in the VI Patients’ Day of the General Alliance of Patients (AGP) at the table “Giving voice to pathologies. Current situation, demands for assistance and needs not covered “that has been held today in Madrid. Dr. Josep Vergés, president and CEO of the OAFI, explained that arthrosis affects almost 30% of the Spanish population over 40 years. “It has become the most important chronic disease and already affects 10 million Spaniards. It is also a gender disease because it affects more women than men”, he stressed.

Need for a paradigm shift

In addition to insisting that hygienic dietary measures through specific programs counting on patients significantly improve the disease, “programs that primary care sometimes has no time to recommend or work with the patient”, OAFI proposes a change in the paradigm of the System of Health to place the patient in the center, with a new management model of OA disease. In this sense, Dr. Vergés has indicated that “equity must be improved in the Spanish health system, as well as the safety of pharmacological treatments. The latter is very important because of the comorbidities that the disease has. ” The president of OAFI has emphasized the concern of the Foundation for the high rate of adverse effects of NSAIDs and morphine derivatives that are used to treat osteoarthritis. “At OAFI we have carried out a study using the Delphi method carried out by 20 experts selected by medical societies for the appropriate use of SYSADOA, which has resulted in a consensus document on its use that will be very useful for health personnel ”

The Artro360 project puts the patient at the center of the healthcare management model

Dr. Vergés explained to the patients attending the conference that the OAFI Foundation together with SEMERGEN, SENFY.C, SEMG, SER, SETRADE, SEFAC, University of Barcelona (School of Nursing) and the Ministry of Health, among others, have proposed to the authorities to develop and implement a new model in the management of osteoarthritis, the ARTRO360 project. “The application of ARTRO360, in which the patient is the center, can improve the quality of life of our patients who suffer from the disease and reduce, in addition, the health cost”

About the VI AGP Patient Conference

The VI AGP Patient Conference was presented by Diego Sanjuanbenito, Deputy Minister of Humanization of Healthcare of the Community of Madrid, and Juan Manuel Ortiz, President of the AGP. At the discussion table have participated associations and organizations of patients such as Diabetes Madrid, Spanish Association with Osteoporosis, Federation of Respiratory Patients, AMAC, AADA, Multiple Sclerosis Spain, Frequency Association to ICTUS, and the Spanish Federation of Hemophilia, among others.