OAFI Foundation Will Be Part of The PNLAR 2020 Congress

La Fundación OAFI formará parte del Congreso PANLAR 2020

OAFI Foundation will participate in the PANLAR (Panamerican League of Associations for Rheumathology) congress in a symposium organized jointly with OARSI (Osteoarthritis Research Society International) where different world-class specialists will delve into the pathology.

In this way, the OAFI Foundation participates in one of the most important congresses in the world on joint health and rheumatology. The congress will be held on September 17th, 18th , 19th and 20th. Unlike previous years, the 2020 edition of the PANLAR congress will be in virtual format, thus adapting the congress to the measures against Covid-19. The OAFI/OARSI symposium will be broadcast on Friday, September 18th at 1:30 p.m., Spanish time.

Drs. F. Rocha, A. Mobasheri, O. Rillo, M. Kapoor and J. Vergés will participate in this symposium. The symposium will discuss about current issues related to osteoarthritis as well as the latest trends in research, both basic and clinical of the pathology. It will also put the patients at the center of the disease in order to improve their quality of life and reduce the impact of osteoarthritis in their day to day.

Dr. Vergés will also participate in another conference, a symposium called “A multidisciplinary approach to osteoarthritis”, with Dr. Ingrid Möller, who will share her knowledge on the muscular comorbidities of osteoarthritis. Joining her, it will also participate Dr. Maritza Quintero, speaking about sarcopenia and its relationship with osteoarthritis. Dr. Oscar Rillo will also take part in this symposium speaking about clinimetrics in osteoarthritis as well as Dr. Pedro Santos M., who will give his point of view on centers of excellence in the care of osteoarthritis patients. Dr. Josep Vergés closes this table of specialists by publicizing the OAFI Foundation, as an example of international commitment in the fight against this pathology and the support and help of its patients. This symposium will be broadcast on Saturday, September 19 at 9:00 p.m., Spanish time.

On the other hand, the president of PANLAR, Dr. Enrique R. Soriano, was present in the OAFI Radio program on Monday, September 14, where he presented the PANLAR 2020 congress. He explained to us why it is a congress of great importance for joint health and also told us about the relationship between PANLAR and OAFI, the international work carried out by PANLAR and about Friday’s symposium organized by OAFI, OARSI and PANLAR.

You can listen to the president of PANLAR (In Spanish) on our YouTube channel.

You can also find more information about the PANLAR 2020 congress here, as well as the OARSI website.

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