OAFI con el Deportista

OAFI, together with the medical services of Atlético de Madrid and the collaboration of CEMTRO clinic, organized on May 29th a colloquium-discussion, “SPORTS YES,  INJURIES NO”, on the importance of joint health, especially among athletes and professional players.

This is one of the many events carried out by the Catalan foundation to give visibility to the disease, which according to the president and CEO of the OAFI Foundation, Dr. Josep Vergés, is a pathology that “is not glamorous”, but it is suffered by 7 million people in Spain and 300 million in the world. In addition, it is also the leading cause of permanent disability and the third leading cause of work and temporary disability.

To address this problem, the president of OAFI brought together Dr. José María Villalón, an expert in sports medicine and director of the medical services of Atlético de Madrid, and Dr. Pedro Guillén, a traumatologist specializing in the musculoskeletal system and president of the Clinic CEMTRO.

Within the framework of the problems faced by professional sportsmen and women, around 60% of them have knee and hip problems, as well as having twice or three time as many prostheses as the normal population, this talk took place with the participation of doctors, ex-footboallers, presidents and vice-presidents of Football Associations and Sports Associations.

The event was attended by doctors Josep Vergés, José María Villalón and Pedro Guillén. In addition, the former Atlético de Madrid football player and president of the Atlético de Madrid legends association, Roberto Solozábal, the president of the Association of Professional Footballers (AFE), David Aganzo, the vice president of the Barça Players Association (Football Club Barcelona), Tente Sánchez, and the president of the Association of Professional Indoor Footballers (AFE), Antonio García-Plata.

The colloquium discussed OAFI programs, which help to improve the joint health of athletes and it became clear that the results help to improve their quality of life significantly.

This is why it is so important to disseminate information and work on prevention to improve joint health for everyone.

OAFI con el Deportista

Here are some of the media reports that quoted this event in Madrid and in this way help OAFI’s daily work so that osteoarthritis ceases to be the great unknown.

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