The Women’s Race 2024 is here!


OAFI and AECOSAR present at the Madrid Women’s Race with activities and workshops

Life expectancy is increasing every year, and is now around 85 years for women. However, in Spain, 60% of people over 65 years of age have more than one chronic pathology, that is to say, most of our elderly are patients and specifically osteoarticular pathology is one of the most frequent, It is estimated that in Spain there are more than 14 million people affected with osteoarthritis (only half are diagnosed), and more than 7 million with different degrees of bone demineralization (osteopenia or osteoporosis, which causes bone fragility) and 9 million people with at least some degree of sarcopenia (muscle atrophy); diseases that affect the proper functioning of our joints and stability.

They are diseases that occur for a long time in a silent form and therefore it is frequent the delay in diagnosis and approach, which is the cause of irreversible injuries and to establish chronic pain and affect mobility, resulting in a progressive loss of quality of life, sleep and live independently, often leading to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.


Therefore, from OAFI and AECOSAR we intend to help women affected, to establish early diagnosis and prevent the progression of the disease, being present at the next fair of the runner of the Women’s Race of Madrid 2024, at booth number 26 and providing the service of our Solidarity Clinic headed by Dr. Josep Vergés to the telemedicine diagnostic vehicle offered by Comitas e-health, which we will place on May 10 (from 10h to 20h) and 11 (from 10h to 14h) in the Polideportivo Municipal Gallur, c/ Gallur, nº2. In addition, we will offer activities such as gymnastics and specific workshops, which will be very useful for you. In a few minutes, we will make several safe and painless screenings that will allow you to know your joint health.

We offer the service free of charge , come and see us!

All this is possible thanks to the collaboration, among others, of Amgen and UCB. To all of them, thank you very much for your help.

The INTERNATIONAL OSTEOARTICULAR FOUNDATION and the Spanish Association with Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis are non-profit organizations of national and international scope based in Spain, whose main mission is to promote the rights and responsibilities of people suffering from diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, sarcopenia and other osteoarticular pathologies.

Remember that if you have joint disease; or you know someone who does, we encourage you to join OAFI and/or AECOSAR through our websites or by calling the contact telephone number: AECOSAR at 0034) 914312258, OAFI at 0034) 931594015.