SEMERGEN and OAFI united once again

semergen - oafi

SEMERGEN joins the OAFI Foundation in the development of the “OAFI With You” project, aimed at assisting religious patients with joint health problems.

The Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (SEMERGEN) and the Osteoarthritis Foundation International (OAFI) have signed a collaboration agreement to promote the development of the “OAFI With You” project, focused on providing assistance to religious patients suffering from joint health problems. SEMERGEN, through a financial and volunteer donation, joins forces with OAFI to help people who find it difficult to practice their faith because of their worsening joint health.

Osteoarthritis is a chronic joint disease that affects millions of people worldwide, and its impact can be especially difficult for those with deeply held religious beliefs. An essential movement in the practice of all types of faith, such as kneeling, can become a major challenge for people with joint pathologies. Aware of this reality, SEMERGEN has decided to support OAFI’s effort to provide comprehensive care to this group of patients.

“OAFI With You”

The “OAFI With you” project aims to address the specific needs of religious patients by providing quality medical care and taking into account their religious beliefs and practices. SEMERGEN’s grant will enable OAFI to implement a number of initiatives, such as training medical staff in understanding religious practices and adapting rehabilitation and physical therapy programs to ensure that each patient’s spiritual requirements are respected.

The collaboration between SEMERGEN and OAFI reinforces the commitment of both organizations to improving the quality of life of people with joint health problems, while recognizing the importance of addressing the particular needs of each patient, in this case those who follow religious practices.

The agreement between both associations

Dr. José Polo, president of SEMERGEN, expressed his satisfaction at supporting this project and stressed the importance of ensuring that all patients receive adequate medical care that respects their beliefs. He also thanked OAFI for its dedication and commitment to this cause, and expressed his confidence that the donation made will make a significant contribution to improving the lives of religious patients with joint health problems.

Dr. Josep Vergés, president of OAFI and AECOSAR, said “the Foundation is proud to be able to launch this collaboration with SEMERGEN, with which we will be able to help many people in our country in the practice of their spirituality, thus improving their quality of life and ensuring that they can live their faith in the best possible way. We are sure that this union will mean a great advance in the care of the joint health of various groups in our country. Our sincere thanks to Dr. Polo and the SEMERGEN team. “

SEMERGEN’s donation to OAFI for the “OAFI With you” project is a significant step towards improving the medical care and quality of life of religious patients with joint health problems. Both organizations demonstrate their commitment to equal access to medical care and their willingness to adapt to the individual needs of patients, ensuring comprehensive and respectful care.