The OAFI Foundation and the University of Barcelona’s Service of Development of Medicines (SDM) are collaborating to develop projects for joint health.

OAFI y la Universidad de Barcelona colaboran en la formación de profesionales sanitarios en el ámbito de la artrosis

The International Osteoarthritis Foundation (OAFI), a non-profit organisation whose aim is to improve quality of life of people with osteoarthritis and the dissemination of actions for the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis, and the University of Barcelona’s  Service of Development of Medicines (SDM), whose purpose is to promote innovation and creativity in the field of pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology and agri-food industries, have signed a collaboration agreement to develop actions, projects and services in the field of health, particularly those related to osteoarthritis in the areas of nutrition, nutraceuticals and diet for good joint health.

Professor Josep Maria Suñé Negre, the Director of the University of Barcelona’s Service of Development of Medicines (SDM), is a leading expert in Galenic technology, and he and his whole team have participated in the formulation of a variety of presentations of medicines, medical devices, foods, etc. The agreement between the SDM and the OAFI will help to create new formulations in the field of osteoarthritis.

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