The patient is no longer alone!!

The patient is no longer alone!!

OAFI is the Osteoarthritis Foundation International, the first and only foundation worldwide exclusively dedicated to persons living with osteoarthritis.

Created in October 2016 in Barcelona, the Foundation’s goal is to lead the fight against osteoarthritis by promoting education, prevention, treatment and research on areas pertaining to joint health and to offer solutions to those suffering from this pathology so that they can feel accompanied, relieve their pain and improve the quality of their life.

While a broadly unrecognized condition, osteoarthritis currently affects over 300 million people worldwide. Despite its social impact, it is seen as a distant pathology only associated with old age. However, besides affecting the elderly, it is increasingly detected in postmenopausal women, sportspersons and even young people.

Osteoarthritis directly affects the mobility of patients and their autonomy, with the psychological wear and tear that this entails. In addition, it is associated with other co-morbidity problems such as hypertension or cardiovascular diseases, among others.

In a society where the population’s life expectancy is on the rise, this type of illness should be considered a first-rate concern. It is for this reason that the Osteoarthritis Foundation International works to put the patient at the centre of the disease and help him or her have a voice and be heard. All our actions are designed for the benefit of the patient and for the prevention of osteoarthritis in people with higher risk factors.

The Foundation has developed educational programs for the prevention of osteoarthritis and the improvement of patient’s intended for all the sections of the society susceptible to developing osteoarthritis. Among others: OAFI WOMAN, OAFI SPORT, OAFI SPORT CHILDREN, OAFI SPORT VETERANS, OAFI WELLNESS CORPORATION, THE EXPERT PATIENT. Also, interesting and promising research projects aim to improve the quality of life of patients are carried out.