Eurecat and OAFI join forces to carry out research into the treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis

Eurecat y OAFI unidos para investigar en el tratamiento y la prevención de la artrosis
  • Both institutions have agreed on a reciprocal exchange of information and expertise in innovation against osteoarthritis

OAFI , the International Osteoarthritis Foundation, an entity committed to the fight against osteoarthritis, and the Eurecat technology centre (a member of Tecnio) have signed a collaboration agreement to improve the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis with the aim of improving the quality of life of sufferers and increasing social awareness of this disease, which affects 242 million patients all over the world.

Thus, the two institutions will join forces in the field of institutional cooperation to advance in research and innovation projects against osteoarthritis with the support of state and European research funds. Specifically, Eurecat will contribute its experience in the field of health research and will help to disseminate and organise events on the pathology of osteoarthritis, medicine, sports medicine and nutriceuticals.

Signed in February, the agreement will promote the reciprocal exchange of information between both institutions to guarantee a “real and effective impact” on osteoarthritis research, a “goal that Eurecat shares with OAFI“, according to the technology centre’s Corporate and Operations CEO, Xavier López.

Dr. Josep Vergés – President of the OAFI Foundation – welcomes the signing of this agreement and comments: “The OAFI team works to ensure that people with osteoarthritis know and understand their disease, since this leads to a better evolution and an improvement in their quality of life. The agreement with Eurecat is a step forward in making Barcelona the world’s leading city in the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis. Eurecat and OAFI are committed to putting the patient at the center of the disease and to involving patient associations, medical societies, research centers and public administrations to improve joint health in our society.”

The collaboration agreement between Eurecat and OAFI establishes the creation of a Monitoring Committee – with two representatives from each party -, who will monitor the actions taken and will ensure that they are as effective as possible in the fight against osteoarthritis.

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