OAFI supports nordic walking for OA patients

OAFI apuesta por la marcha nórdica
  • Nordic walking is a low-impact physical activity that can be beneficial for patients with osteoarthritis
  • On Sunday, October 29, OAFI, Caminoterapia Foundation – Walkim and CEM Can Dragó Eurofitness organized the first Nordic walking workshop for patients with osteoarthritis

OAFI apuesta por la marcha nórdica

Fifty people, including osteoarthritis patients and OAFI volunteers, gathered last Sunday 29 October at the athletics track of the Can Dragó Municipal Sports Center to participate in the first Nordic walking initiation workshop for osteoarthritis patients organized by OAFI and the Caminoterapia FoundationWalkim, with the collaboration of Eurofitness chain of sports clubs.

OAFI apuesta por la marcha nórdica

After a short theoretical explanation about the use of the sticks and the benefits of this physical activity for our health, it was time to pick up the sticks and test the coordination of each of the participants. For two hours, the workshop participants learned how to walk in an easier and healthier way with the impulse of the walking sticks. The workshop was attended by people with osteoarthritis, after consultation with their doctor, and demonstrated that this physical activity is suitable for all ages due to its low impact.

OAFI apuesta por la marcha nórdica

The benefits of Nordic walking in osteoarthritis

After the diagnosis of osteoarthritis, the professionals advise patients to lose weight to lighten the load on the joints. According to the Caminoterapia Foundation, Nordic walking helps to reduce excess weight through the movement of legs and arms as we move up to 90% of the musculature, stimulating the metabolism. There are also studies that show that it prevents and protects the joints by providing greater cushioning and lubrication.

OAFI apuesta por la marcha nórdica

In addition, Nordic walking promotes bone metabolism, intestinal transit and lung capacity. It also has mental benefits and can be practiced outdoors in the countryside or in the city.

Collaboration agreement

The OAFI Foundation and the Caminoterapia FoundationWalkim have signed an agreement to work together on research projects to study the benefits of Nordic walking in osteoarthritis and to set up training programs in this modality for OA patients.

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