OAFI Defends The Rights of Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis Patients Before The Spanish Senate

OAFI defiende ante el Senado de España los derechos de los/las pacientes con artrosis y osteoporosis

Dr. Vergés, CEO & Founder of OAFI, appeared last Tuesday 28th September before the Health and Consumer Commission of the Spanish Senate.

Dr. Josep Vergés, on behalf of OAFI and AECOSAR, presented to the senators the work that these two associations carry out on a daily basis to help patients, and the current situation of the two pathologies, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, in our country.

El Dr. Vergés con los y las senadoras que forman la Comisión de Sanidad y Consumo.
Dr. Vergés with the senators who form the Health and Consumer Affairs Committee.

With a speech entitled “Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis: a tsunami that we must stop“, the need for the collaboration of governmental bodies in the fight against the disease was highlighted, in order to improve the care model in the treatment of these conditions and thus improve the quality of life of patients. Increasing life expectancy and an ageing population are likely to be the cause of a great tsunami of osteoarthritis that is yet to come. Therefore, the support and collaboration of these institutions is essential to ensure that these people can live with their disease in the best possible way, which is totally different from the reality of patients with these pathologies today.

“There is a need for change. The care system must be improved so that the patient feels understood and supported and can be given a voice of their own.”

It is precisely this reality one of the points that were exposed at the hearing, through the CAVIPA and ODPAR studies carried out by OAFI and AECOSAR, which analyze the quality of life and the care pathway of patients with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Both studies evidenced the abandonment felt by affected people by institutions and the health system, with delays in diagnosis, lack of information, etc. These studies will be officially launched at the #OAFICongress2021.

Finally, the ARTRO360º model was presented, a proposal to improve the current care model, which will give patients the independence, autonomy, knowledge and information they demand and will be a sure bet to improve their quality of life. At OAFI, we will continue to fight for the support of the institutions and to ensure that this model can become a reality.

The appearance was key for the work of OAFI and AECOSAR, and in the words of Dr. Vergés “it was the most important moment of the year for OAFI”.

OAFI defiende ante el Senado de España los derechos de los/las pacientes con artrosis y osteoporosis
Dr. Vergés speaking before the Commission.

You can watch the full presentation in the following video:

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