OAFI at Isokinetic 2024


This past weekend took place the congress Isokinetic 2024, on Sports Medicine, held at Cívitas Metropolitano (Madrid), and Atlético de Madrid Club and its Medical Services have played an important part in its organization.

OAFI Studies

OAFI has participated with the presentation of the advances in different studies of our R+D:

  • Gaudí, with which we have analyzed the benefits of natural supplementation of SPMs in athletes with knee osteoarthritis, with which a 45% reduction in pain has been observed.
  • TriAnkle, with which, through 3D bioprinting, we are regenerating injuries in the Achilles Tendon. From OAFI, we are in charge of bringing the patient’s point of view and experience in this process.

Fantastic Workshops at Isokinetic 2024

In addition to the presentations made by Dr. Vergés, president & CEO in OAFI and AECOSAR, dozens of world-class exhibitions and workshops of great interest for joint health were held, such as:

  • IBSA was in charge of conducting a practical workshop on intra-articular infiltration in athletes, with Dr. Villalón and Dr. Núñez as moderators.
Dr. Vergés in Isokinetic 2024
Doctors Villalón and Núñez in Isokinetic 2024