OAFI and AECOSAR, sign agreement with ACES

oafi aces

The signed agreement will enable joint actions for the improvement of osteoarthritis patients in health institutions.

On Wednesday 17 January, OAFI and AECOSAR signed an agreement with ACES (Catalan Association of Health Entities), a non-profit business association whose mission is to defend, promote and develop care in private health centres. The aim is to cover the health and social needs of citizens with a sustainable, accessible, accessible and quality health system.

As an association, ACES defends values such as entrepreneurship, freedom, sustainability, diversity and responsibility. In this environment, OAFI and AECOSAR highlight the fact that joint pathology is so prevalent among the elderly, in an increasingly long-lived society, health and social and health care needs to be adapted to this population.

Therefore, this agreement between associations includes different areas of development, such as reciprocal participation in the congresses of each entity, or projects developed by OAFI where ACES can contribute its experience and help, such as the OAFI Space programme, among others.