SEFAC grants OAFI its special recognition to patient associations

SEFAC otorga a OAFI su reconocimiento especial a asociaciones de pacientes

At the closing of the IX National Congress of Community Pharmacists of SEFAC, the Spanish Society of Family and Community Pharmacists has awarded the OAFI Foundation with the V Special Recognition to Patient Associations for their continuous work to improve the quality of life of osteoarthritis patients and the defense of their rights.

In this way, the relationship between the OAFI Foundation and SEFAC is further strengthened, a relationship of mutual support and bilaterality since both entities share the same point of view on the integration of the different social health actors to face a disease such as osteoarthritis. At OAFI, we believe and defend the role of the pharmaceutical community as a fundamental piece in treating people and in being able to communicate all professional knowledge to the patients.

The recognition took place during the Closing of the IX National Congress of Community Pharmacists of SEFAC, the first one in virtual format resulting from the adaptation of the congress to the security and prevention measures against COVID-19. In this IX edition of the SEFAC Congress, all the numbers from previous editions have been surpassed: more than 2,600 congressmen, more than 500 communications (22% more than in the previous edition), more than 20,000 views of the different sessions (close to 70) and more than 23,000 visits to stands.


Constituted in December 2000, the Spanish Society of Family and Community Pharmacists (SEFAC) was presented in society in March 2001 and is a national scientific and professional association with more than 5,400 associates and delegations in all the Spanish autonomous communities that has, as a priority objective, to delve into the portfolio of community pharmacists care services and to become a reference scientific interlocutor for the community pharmacists with the different administrations and with the rest of the health professions. More information here.

Delivery of the V Special Recognition of SEFAC to Patient Associations

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