The Spanish Society of Rheumatology Advises Vaccination Against Covid-19 With Any Available Vaccine

La Sociedad Española de Reumatología aconseja vacunarse frente a la Covid-19 con cualquier vacuna disponible

The Spanish Society of Rheumatology (SER) wanted to clarify some doubts about the vaccination against COVID-19 in the context of the 2nd COVID-19 National Multidisciplinary Congress of the Scientific Societies that was held this past week from April 12 to 16.

Dr. José Mª Álvaro-Gracia, President of the SER and Head of Service of this speciality at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital, stated that “all available vaccines have adequate levels of efficacy and safety”, and that “the risk of possible adverse effects risk is much lower than the risk of developing severe COVID, so vaccination with AstraZeneca is recommended (except in some very specific situations such as a history of thrombopenia due to heparin)”. According to Dr. Álvaro-Gracia, a temporary delay of one or more doses can be considered if the patient is receiving immunosuppressive therapy. However, if waiting is not feasible, vaccination is recommended despite this other treatment.

Thus, the SER encouraged all rheumatic patients to be vaccinated with any available vaccine, arguing that the prognosis of COVID-19 depends more on general factors (age, gender and comorbidities) than on specific treatments or diseases. 

At OAFI Foundation we agree with the Spanish Society of Rheumatology and we wanted to seize the opportunity to show our support and encourage our patients and volunteers to get vaccinated, taking into account all that has been said previously about the safety and efficacy of all vaccines administered in Spain.

Below, we share with you an OAFI Radio program dedicated to answering some doubts and dismantle the false news related to vaccines. It is a rigorously made program in which you will find the opinion of leading specialists in this field, as well as testimonials from people who have been vaccinated or were about to be vaccinated:

OAFI Radio: Vacunas del COVID-19: Que nadie te engañe

Link to the Rheumatology Spanish Society’s press statement:

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