Nordic walking initiation workshop for osteoarthritis patients

taller iniciacion marcha nordica

Nordic walking initiation workshop for osteoarthritis patients

Next October 29, the Osteoarthritis International Foundation (OAFI), Caminoterapia Foundation and Walkim organize a workshop to learn Nordic Walking in the Municipal Sports Center Can Dragó of Bareclona, ​​in collaboration with the chain of sports clubs Eurofitness. The workshop is aimed at both osteoarthritis patients and people who want to take care of their joint health, as several studies point to the benefits of Nordic walking for joints and musculature.

Physical activity

“The physical activity is a key element to prevent the progression of osteoarthritis. However, each patient should find the activity that suits him best. The Foundation want to encourage all people who want to take care of their joints, whether osteoarthritis patients or if they are not, to lead a healthy life and to practice some physical activity “explained the president of OAFI the Dr. Josep Vergés

For this reason, OAFI has signed a collaboration agreement with the Caminoterapia Foundation to work jointly on research projects that study the benefits of Nordic walking in osteoarthritis and to set up training programs for this method for patients of the foundation.

Nordic Walking Workshop October 29

The first of these workshops will be on Sunday October 29 at CEM Can Dragó Eurofitness in Barcelona from 10:30


10.30 am Encounter in CEM Can Dragó Eurofitness, Rosselló i Porcel 7-11, Barcelona

10.45h Entrance to the athletics stadium and delivery of Nordic walking poles

11.00 h Workshop on initiation to Nordic walking

12:00 h Practice at the athletics track

12.30h Two-Km walk around Can Dragó

13.30h End of the acivity

Registration is free, just write an email to or call us at 931 594 015

Activity program here