Practice Tai Chi To Improve Osteoarthritis in The Green Areas of Barcelona With Montse Serlavós

Practica Taichí para mejorar la artrosis en los parques de Barcelona con Montse Serlavós

Tai Chi is a martial art that combines gentle movements with breathing to perform small choreographies in a way that is so smooth and pleasant that it is a massage for the body. It is an exercise designed to gradually move all parts of the body, even those we are not aware of.

Tai Chi is beneficial for all kinds of people, but especially for patients with arthrosis or joint complaints. Thanks to Tai Chi we can strengthen the muscles and tissues that surround the joints, so that the bones suffer less and are better protected. Not only that, but it also helps to prevent and delay the onset of such diseases in healthy people. Without exercise, muscles weaken and bones can become osteoporotic.

 “The exercises are easy to learn, and their practice is so enjoyable that many people continue to do them for years for the wellbeing and peace of mind they provide”, explains Montse Serlavós, an accredited Tai Chi teacher and OAFI collaborator.

The Foundation wants to encourage all our patients, volunteers and members to practice Tai Chi in the green areas of Barcelona with Montse Serlavós. This activity takes place twice a week in different parks of the city to enable everyone’s attendance. And remember, you do not need any previous experience! You can book your place by contacting or by calling (+34) 931 594 015.

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