Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis increase the risk of “silent falls” in elderly people

OAFI IndeeLift
  • In Spain there are 33 fragility fractures per hour, with falls on the floor being the main cause.
  • OAFI and IndeeLift join forces to improve the quality of life of osteoarthritis patients and prevent accidental falls.

Barcelona, September 6th, 2023

The OAFI Foundation (Osteoarthritis Foundation International) and IndeeLift, a company dedicated to the manufacture of electric chairs for assistance in getting up from the floor after a fall, join forces in the OAFI Radio&TV programs in order to continue spreading the word and helping patients with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, aiming to reduce the risk of accidental falls through awareness in these programs.

Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, a source of falls

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease that affects more than 500 million people worldwide, causing pain, inflammation and limiting mobility. Likewise, osteoporosis is a bone disease characterized by a decrease in the density and quality of bone tissue, which causes bones to become more fragile, thinner and susceptible to fracture.

Osteoporosis, therefore, weakens bones, increasing the risk of fractures from minor falls in areas such as wrists, hips and vertebrae. On the other hand, osteoarthritis reduces the stability and mobility of joints, as they become more unstable as they have more difficulty supporting our weight, thus increasing the danger of tripping or losing balance. Both conditions contribute to the risk of falls in people affected by them.

Similarly, falls in older adults and people with mobility impairments represent a significant public health concern, with potentially serious consequences for health and quality of life. About 30% of people over the age of 65 with osteoarthritis suffer at least one fall per year.

Prevention and an informed patient, keys to a better quality of life

It is important that people affected by osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are aware of this reality and take measures to prevent falls, such as exercising adequately to strengthen muscles and improve balance, wearing appropriate footwear and maintaining a safe and unobstructed environment at home. In addition, it is essential that they consult their doctors for guidance and appropriate treatment to manage their health conditions and reduce the risk of falls.

When prevention has not arrived in time and we are faced with a fall, IndeeLift is a simple and safe solution for both patients and caregivers. The IndeeLift system is equipped with sensors and advanced lifting technology that allows people who have fallen to regain their upright position in a safe and dignified manner. The electric chain acts as an aid to pull the user from the ground to a safe position, without requiring the intervention of third parties.

The partnership between OAFI and IndeeLift

In view of this situation, the alliance between OAFI and IndeeLift is launched, which seeks to address these challenges through direct communication with patients on OAFI Radio&TV programs, facilitating the independence and mobility of people with osteoarthritis, while offering an effective solution to reduce the impact of accidental falls on the most vulnerable population.

Dr. Josep Vergés, president of the OAFI Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, noting: “This alliance represents a significant step forward in the fight against osteoarthritis and in the care of those who suffer from it. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of patients and, at the same time, provide them with a valuable tool to prevent serious accidents”.

Esther Costabella, Business Development Manager of IndeeLift, adds “IndeeLift’s mission is to empower the most vulnerable people when they suffer an accidental fall at home and thus improve their quality of life in their daily lives. With this alliance we hope to add value to the entire OAFI ecosystem”.

The collaboration between OAFI and IndeeLift represents a step forward in the health care and well-being of osteoarthritis patients and demonstrates how technology can be a valuable ally in improving the quality of life of people with chronic diseases and limited mobility conditions.

The two organizations will work together to promote awareness of the

About OAFI

The Osteoarthritis Foundation International (OAFI) is the first and only non-profit foundation exclusively for people with osteoarthritis worldwide. Since 2016, it has been leading the fight against osteoarthritis by promoting education, prevention, treatment and research on everything related to joint health and offering solutions to people suffering from this disease.

About IndeeLift

IndeeLift (independent Lift = autonomous lift) is the manufacturer of the first lift for fallen persons that can be used 100% autonomously. In addition, the company is committed to its dignity and the safety of itself and its caregivers. Since 2013, its creator and founder Steve Powell has helped more than 8,000 people to improve their well-being.