The Catalan Government and OAFI to work together to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from osteoarthritis

El Gobierno catalán y OAFI trabajarán conjuntamente
(From left to right) The participants in the meeting were: Jordi Ramentol (patron of OAFI), Pilar Magrinyà (Director General of health Planning in the Generalitat), Neus Rams (Director General of Professional Arrangement and Healthcare Regulation in the Generalitat), Ann Palmer (PRESIDENT of the Arthritis Foundation), Maria Pueyo (technician of the master plan for the locomotive system and rheumatic diseases) and Josep Vergés (PRESIDENT & CEO of OAFI)

The Arthritis Foundation and OAFI -both members of the OA Task Force-, will work together with the Conselleria de Salut from the Generalitat de Catalunya to promote improvement of joint health. This was established at a meeting held on the 18th October 2016. The OA Task Force works to improve the lives of patients suffering from osteoarthritis, a disease that affects 57 million people in the United States and Europe.

El Gobierno catalán y OAFI trabajarán conjuntamente

The meeting was attended by the Director General of Health Planning, Pilar Magrinyà, and the Director General of Professional Organisation and Health Regulation, Neus Rams, who expressed their support for the work of both non-profit organisations, chaired by Ann M. Palmer and Dr. Josep Vergés. The representatives of the Catalan Government expressed their support for the creation of the worldwide osteoarthritis research cluster, led by OAFI and based in Barcelona, which was created with the aim of improving people’s joint health and improving their quality of life, especially in groups where osteoarthritis disease is most prevalent, such as the elderly, athletes and women in the menopausal stage.

The meeting was held on 18 October at the Conselleria de Salut de la Generalitat.


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